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Reiki is the laying on of hands healing technique thousands of years old. It is an alternate way to heal your body and enjoy an hour of relaxation. Not an intrusive technique at all, just warmth and meditation. The hands are placed on or just above the body, as you feel the Reiki energy working on your chakra system (energy points) helping them to align your life force energy, bringing you into balance.

  • Relaxation and stress reduction

  • Chakra alignment and balancing

  • Healing for physical and mental well-being


Reiki Sessions

30 Minute Reiki Session for $50

60 Minute Reiki Session for $80

Certified Usui System of Natural Healing Reiki Classes 

Reiki l Certificate:  1 Day Class (10am-5pm) $250 (please bring lunch)

Reiki l classes are a full one-day class where the student(s) are taught the history (as we know it) of Reiki, how the healing works with your chakra system, and learning hand placement and practicing in class. Reiki l focuses on the physical dis-ease of the body, mind, and spirit. Students leave being able to use the Reiki techniques right away and are fully attuned and certified. There is homework of practicing on self and others and journaling your experiences. After 3 months of integration, Reiki ll is offered as a follow up and a complete use of the Usui System of Reiki.

Reiki ll Certificate: 1 Day Class (10am-5pm) $350 (please bring lunch)


Reiki ll focuses on the emotional/mental dis-ease of the body, mind and spirit. These classes are full one-day class where the student(s) are taught the business side of having a professional Reiki business, if that calls to them. We go into depth about creating sacred space, the Reiki Ethics and the Reiki Principles. The student(s) learns how to use Reiki to heal distantly, no matter where the person lives. Students leave being able to use the Reiki II techniques right away and are fully attuned and certified.

Master Classes

Master Practitioner Certificate:

6 Month Class meeting once per month $1200

Master Teacher Certificate:

6-12 Month Class meeting once a month $4200


Master Classes are a deeper in-depth dive into embodying Reiki and its Principles into your daily life. After the attunements to the master symbols you are encouraged to go out into the community and live with Reiki in your mind, body, and spirit. These classes are 6 months to a year and are not a requirement for having Reiki in your life and spreading it to others.

Shamanic Techniques

Includes Full Reiki Session:

  • Pattern Release:  Using Rock Tapping (more physical) and drumming (more energetic), to release stuck energy $80


Reiki Session Not Included:

  • Power Animal Retrieval: Connects you to your personal power animal (personal animal ally for your life journey) $60

  • Extraction Technique: scanning the body for attachments and energetic blocks, removing and properly disposing of them, and filling the body with the highest healing light $80

  • Soul Retrieval: bringing back parts of ourselves that have detached due to traumatic experiences, with the intention of reuniting the whole self. $125

  • Psychopomp: helping unassimilated souls move on from homes, land and other places. Price varies with each situation $125-up

  • Limpia: a divine cleansing ritual that purifies the body, emotions, mind, and spirit from negative energies or thoughts $200


(Drumming Circle: Guided Drumming Journey (TBA))

Sacred Spa Sessions

Aromatouch and Reiki combined,

45 Minute session for $80

A DoTerra technique for healing where the client is introduced to 4 sets of oils promoting: relaxation, immune protection, relief from inflammation and lastly rejuvenation.


You leave feeling and smelling AMAZING!

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