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Empowering people to heal themselves

through Reiki and Shamanic Techniques


My Journey

I have been a Reiki Practitioner since 2007 and a Reiki Master Teacher since 2012.  I've been studying Shamanism since 2020 and incorporate these ancient healing techniques with my Reiki practice to form a powerful healing combination.  You will leave a session feeling empowered and amazing in mind, body and spirit. 

"We each have a innate ability to heal as a gift from the gods"

Mikao Usui



Reiki offers an ancient hands-on energetic healing technique that aligns and balances your chakras and brings you into a place of harmony.

AromaTouch is a doTerra method, which introduces essential oils to the spine, that reduces inflammation, balances, relaxes, and offers antimicrobial and antibacterial benefits.

Shamanic Offerings

Using traditional healing techniques from North and South American traditions, these offerings use journey and intuitive practices to find and heal misaligned energy in the physical and energetic body that lead to illness, both physical and mental. 

Some examples include power animal retrieval, pattern release, extraction, and soul retrieval.

Classes and Certification

Currently offering reiki certified classes in reiki I, II, and Master levels. 

Reiki I focuses on physical dis-ease, reiki II engages with emotional and mental imbalances, and mastery level allows you to become fully proficient to your techniques and embody the reiki principals. 

Current Offerings


I've been coming to Jenn for Reiki for over a year now. Her ability to give you the most positive feedback, the peacefulness of her space and her over all emanation of love are really something we all need right now.

Hilary A.

I have been having intense physical symptoms and pain that stem from both an injury and some stuck emotional energy. She helped me by intuitively extracting those blocks with me (and did so remotely), shared healing Reiki, and assisted me in opening up some of my own healing strength. 

Kim D.

Jen is absolutely amazing! Her energy is calming and grounded. You will not regret any session with her. I highly recommend her!

Erin T.

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